Stone Mecca

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As a producer and musician, Stone Mecca’s solidly established a foothold in the worlds of both Hip Hop & R&B. Now, as a solo artist, Stone Mecca has stripped down his production style to its rawest form, creating a gritty love triangle between roots rock, blues and funk. On his latest album Alienman, Stone Mecca combines his love of hard-hitting hip hop beats and funk-driven bass lines with grinding guitar riffs and soulful melodies. The first single from his new album, “If Experience Was Money”, was featured on, remarking that “The electric vibes of… Stone Mecca and his old school cool are lustfully intoxicating.” His second single, “Boogeyman” recently premiered on A talented multi-instrumentalist, Stone Mecca wrote, produced and played all the instruments on every track. And Stone Mecca’s live set, with a tight, energetic 5-piece band packs the walls with a titanic sound. [Read more at]